Programmes Evaluations and Reviews

We undertake various types of evaluations and reviews of health interventions and programs (using the appropriate mix of quantitative and qualitative methods).

  1. Programme evaluations: we undertake in-depth health programme evaluations involving evaluation framework design, evaluation implementation and results dissemination. We develop clear evaluation questions, review available data and existing information systems to identify information gaps and recommend solutions to fill these gaps. We collect, collate, analyse and triangulate data to evaluate programmes’ outcomes and impact as well as use impact modellingAs part of our programme evaluations portfolio, we deliver value for money assessments and, where necessary, advise on value for money strategies. Evaluation designs are chosen based on the client’s needs and on a thorough cost-effectiveness and risk analysis and may include quasi-experimental designs, before-after comparisons with or without counterfactuals and a mix of quantitative and qualitative approaches.
  2. Health programme reviews: We also undertake wider and qualitative reviews of health programmes for which we develop methodologies and tools such as key informant questionnaires, documents review checklists and databases. Where appropriate, we use participatory review methods. Part of this work includes the review of M&E systems of organizations and programmes and support to improving these systems as required.