Surveillance and Routine Management Information Systems

We design and support implementation of surveillance systems and facilitate improvements of routine health management information systems.

  1. Surveillance systems:
    Sentinel surveillance systems within the routine health management information system or as a stand-alone disease specific monitoring system at health facility or population level can offer a good alternative while routine systems are being built. We offer designs tailored to the specific needs as well as support in implementation. We set easy-to-use databases which make information from these surveillance systems available to programme managers without the need for additional analytical skills.
  2. Routine health management information systems:
    Improvement of health management information systems (HMIS) often depends on an increased functionality of the health system in general. We undertake offer comprehensive reviews of the HMIS as well as data quality and provide analysis of short and long-term strategies for improvements.  Interventions may also include capacity building for staff at different levels as well as add-on tools to better utilize the data of existing databases where this is thought to be the best interim solution.