Complete health programmes M&E solutions

We offer a continuum of M&E inputs into health and disease control programme planning and implementation.

We offer comprehensive M&E support in the form of the following:

  1. Programme design and start-up:
    We provide technical support in synthesizing evidence used in health programme design as well as in theories of change, logframes, M&E plans and performance framework development. We assist in the design of data collection tools to implement M&E plans, including automated databases and links with national routine health information systems.
  2. Programme implementation:
    We serve as an M&E partner over the lifetime of health programmes. Our role is to provide short-term technical assistance to support the implementation of agreed M&E plans, data analysis and interpretation as well as to assure the quality of all M&E deliverables of a given programme. We also second M&E staff, employed by Tropical Health, to health projects providing ongoing mentoring and support by our international technical experts.
  3. Health sector planning:
    We offer technical expertise in national strategic and operational planning in health by synthesizing the evidence of past performance, best practices and cost-effective interventions. We contribute to developing and reviewing health plans performance frameworks, ensuring a clear definition of indicators and targets.